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Digital ID & AI Checks: Top 10 Vendors, 2023

>> Unlocking effective Digital Identity & AI technologies to prevent financial risk, underage and problem gambling >>

Code: CR. M01/LCJ 2023 | Report: September 20th 2023 | Word Count: 25,000

In the ever-evolving landscape of the gambling industry, knowledge is power. As industry experts, we critique and analyse the significant insights from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) 2005 Gambling Act reform whitepaper. We outline the opportunities and challenges for both operators and Digital Identity & AI verification vendors in relation to expected age-estimation and affordability legislation.

Report Overview

The Gambling IQ report goes beyond information; it's about transformation. We decode the intricacies of digital identity & AI checks, aligning the gambling industry with the latest trends and standards. Our comprehensive analysis of the Gambling Act reform whitepaper empowers operators and vendors. We highlight impactful submissions and opportunities on behalf of digital ID & AI service providers and the gambling industry as a whole.

Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIAFT)

For the first time, we call for the gambling industry's inclusion in the UK’s Trust Framework Process. Our visionary stance calls for legislative changes, mandating gambling operators to partner with third-party certified digital providers. These providers will automate age verification, check affordability, and ensure a safe and responsible gambling environment.

Major Trends in ID Verification, AI & Gambling

The surge in data security concerns, the push for digitisation, and the rising challenges of cyber threats and new fraudulent methods are reshaping the landscape. Navigating the vendor landscape can be daunting, but we’ve done the groundwork, identifying and ranking the elite providers exclusively for the gambling industry. Our insights provide online and offline operators with a competitive edge, offering legal, financial, and data-driven advantages.

Top Digital ID Vendors

The full report will be released in September, 2023.

Please CONTACT US for further information.

>> Key Segmentations - Global Companies and State Organisations featured in the report:

  • Applied Recognition

  • Aspire Global

  • AU10TIX

  • Betfair

  • BetMaster

  • Betway

  • BetStop

  • BtoBet

  • CasinoTrac

  • Copy Bet

  • Crucial

  • CS:GO

  • eConnect

  • Gamesys

  • GamStop

  • GBG Plc

  • Experian

  • HooYu




  • IDnow

  • IDVerse

  • IGT

  • iProov

  • iSoftBet

  • Jumio

  • Lightico

  • Mitek Systems

  • NeoGames

  • NeoPollard

  • Netent

  • Oasis Germany

  • Okta

  • Onfido

  • Ondato

  • Persona

  • Regal Gaming

  • Reflex Gaming

  • Shufti Pro

  • Signicat


  • Signzy

  • Sightline

  • Sisal

  • Socure

  • Sumsub

  • Thales DIS

  • TransUnion

  • Trulioo

  • Upgaming

  • University of Liverpool

  • UK, Gambling Commission

  • Veridas

  • Veriff

  • Yoti

>> Segmentations by Type:

  • Online Gambling

  • ID Software

  • Age Verification

  • Financial Risk

  • Services

  • Retail & Ecommerce

  • Tele & Gaming

  • Gambling Industry

  • iGaming

  • Age Verification

  • Land-based Gambling


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