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Type: PDF   I   Words: 25,000   I   September 2023   I  Region: Global           I  ID: CR.M01/2023                                       


Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast: Unlocking effective Digital Identity & AI Technologies to prevent underage and problem gambling worldwide. 


Gambling IQ, a pioneering provider of strategic business insights, regulatory guidance and B2B sales excellence to the gambling & gaming sector, publishes the top ten Digital Identity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) vendors within the betting industry. We unveil the ID companies leading the way on Player Safety, Financial Risk, Underage Betting, and Regulatory Compliance. 


Report Overview


In a ground-breaking report entitled, ‘A Responsible Revolution: Unlocking Effective Digital Identity & AI Technology to Prevent Financial Risk, Underage, and Problem Gambling’, analysts reveal the trailblazing Digital ID & AI vendors driving secure and transformative change across the sector.


The latest Gambling IQ think tank report features analysis of the UK's Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 2005 Gambling Act reform whitepaper, which looks set to influence laws in the United States and around the world, setting out relevant opportunities for Digital Identity, AI vendors and gambling operators. 


Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIAFT)


Gambling IQ sets out the arguments for governments worldwide to include the gambling industry in an ID Trust Framework Process. We argue that this should be followed up with legislative changes, making it mandatory for gambling operators to employ third party certified digital providers to automatically check the ages of customers.


Major Trends in ID Verification Market & Gambling


The market for identity verification is being propelled forward by the expansion of use cases for data security and age verification across the gambling industry, more digitisation activities, and growing instances of identity theft and cybercrime.


Moreover, initiatives by institutions and governments centred on digitalisation and the application of cutting-edge technologies in identity verification systems, such as automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, are presenting a promising future for providers of identity verification services.


Top Digital ID Vendors


The vendor market for identity proofing has become crowded, with both global and regional solutions available. Finding differentiation among vendors is challenging. Operators can follow the Gambling IQ structured approach to define their business drivers, use cases and roadmaps. We name and rank the top Digital identity providers for the gambling industry, giving online and offline Operators unique legal, financial and data insights that count.

Digital Identity & Artificial Intelligence Industry Report Sep 2023 - GB£299

  • Companies featured in the report:

    • Applied Recognition

    • Aspire Global

    • AU10TIX 

    • Betfair

    • BetMaster

    • Betway

    • BetStop

    • BtoBet

    • CasinoTrac

    • Copy Bet

    • Crucial

    • CS:GO

    • eConnect

    • Gamesys

    • GamStop

    • GBG Plc

    • Experian

    • HooYu

    • IDEMIA


    • IDnow

    • IDVerse

    • IGT

    • iProov

    • iSoftBet

    • Jumio

    • Lightico

    • Mitek Systems

    • NeoGames

    • NeoPollard

    • Netent

    • Oasis Germany

    • Okta

    • Onfido

    • Ondato

    • Persona

    • Regal Gaming

    • Reflex Gaming

    • Shufti Pro

    • Signicat

    • Signzy

    • Sightline

    • Sisal

    • Socure

    • Sumsub

    • Thales DIS

    • TransUnion

    • Trulioo

    • Upgaming

    • University of Liverpool

    • UK, Gambling Commission

    • Veridas

    • Veriff

    • Yoti


    Segment by Application

    • Online Gambling

    • ID Software

    • Age Verification

    • Financial Risk

    • Services

    • Retail & Ecommerce

    • Tele & Gaming

    • Gambling Industry

    • iGaming

    • Age Verification

    • Land-based Gambling

    • BFSI