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Bookies: When Winners Are Not Welcome

>> When most people place a bet, it doesn’t occur to them that they’re actually entering into a legal contract with a bookmaker. Like most contracts, there’s an offer and an acceptance - and multiple terms and conditions >>

Code: CR. MO1//LCJ 100 | Report: June 2023 | Word Count: 20,000

If the T&Cs of a bet are broken by either party, then the other party can try to take action. In the case of the bookie, if they think the punter has done something that is against their terms and conditions, or is “suspicious”, then they can refuse to pay out the winnings.

There are a number of things that bookies can turn to as a reason not to pay out on a winning bet, including if someone has more than one account with them, or if they think that someone has been using a system that takes advantage of the house in order to guarantee themselves a profit.

In this report, GamblingIQ explores the murky world of high stakes betting and gambling syndicates. We talk to the top punters and the bookies in an exclusive for the industry. Find out more about the report here: Contact Us.


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