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Trustly No. 1 Pay Engine

Gambling IQ selects Trustly as the leading Open Banking provider in the iGaming payments space. Our research looked at the leading Open Banking enablers and payments engines that are shaping new legislation and responsible gaming trends within the gambling industry.

GamblingIQ’s comprehensive assessment of payment engines ranked the top open banking enablers serving the industry, choosing Trustly as the number one vendor. Trustly was selected due to its comprehensive know your client (KYC) and anti-money laundering checks, fraud prevention capabilities, innovation and leadership, secure account set up, responsible gambling measures, conversion rates, and instant pay-ins and payouts. This further strengthens Trustly’s position as the go-to vendor for open banking solutions in the iGaming industry. Trustly’s market-leading solution stood out because of its recently launched data engine, Azura, which has seen massive success in recent months delivering a personalized payment experience to over 5 millions customers so far. Azura leverages 1.2 billion data points triangulated between the player, operator and bank resulting in a much faster and smoother playing experience. (Made in Sweden: Pictured below is Trustly CEO, Johan Tjärnberg). Read the full story here:


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