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Social Gaming & Addiction

>> Games where compulsive spending is rife, with 0% chance of any return, are driving adults and children to addiction >>

Code: CR. MO2/LCJ 102 | Report: July 2023 | Word Count: 28,000

The main source of income for social casinos is in-app purchases. This model is called pay- to win, or freemium. Even with no chance of cashing out real winnings, players are spending their hard earned cash on in-game currency, avatar decorations, virtual gifts for friends, opening locked levels and of course - Loot Boxes.

In this exclusive report, GamblingIQ gets up close and personal with the main companies

in the social gaming space, including mobile gaming entertainment giant Playtika,

(NASDAQ: PLTK), which had revenues of USD$2.6 billion in 2022.

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