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Plaid Deals Winning Hand

Leading online poker platform PokerStars partnered with Plaid to enhance player experience with 'Pay By Bank' rapid deposit/withdrawal function and instant authentication via users' bank accounts

PLAID Open Banking

Plaid Deals Winning Hand - Plaid has revealed there have been around 25,000 Open Banking transactions (80% pay-ins and 20% payouts) on PokerStars since November 2023 to February 2024. The ever-popular online casino and card gaming powerhouse PokerStars recently integrated with Plaid and saw £1.4m processed in just a few months on the poker platform with ATV at £56. Meanwhile, the deposit approval rate for the PokerStars and Plaid integration stands at 82%. Access the fresh data and read the full interview with Plaid's Zak Lambert, Head of Product Europe, (pictured below), along with the comprehensive Open Banking Payments Engines &


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